What is Linux?

Linux is an open source operating system.

With Linux, you will find thousands of free applications.

Many experts believe that the reason for this is that Linux is not oriented the same way as Windows or macOS through market share.

The use of Linux is widespread among enterprise-level enterprises.

Places like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google depend on Linux.

Linux users do not suffer from the same security problems for decades.

Linux was quite a challenge on how to install and use.

If you haven’t studied computer science, your chances of successfully using Linux were unlikely.

Distributions such as Peppermint OS, Lubuntu, Linux Lite, and Bodhi Linux work fine on legacy hardware.

Unlike Windows, where it seems that you have to reboot every time the application is updated.

Every application, daemon, and Service can be updated on your Linux machine, and you don’t need to restart.

Linux machines are well known for years of running without a reboot.

If you encounter a problem with Linux, where do you go? Fortunately, there are many online forums, groups and mailing lists dedicated to helping users solve problems.

Sites like Ask Ubuntu, Linux Mint, forums and Ask Fedora are great places to start.

Almost every Linux distribution offers a help form or mailing list dedicated to users who solve each other’s problems.

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