Credit Cards For No Credit

Credit card issuers want to minimize their risk. To get a credit card with no credit you will have to apply for a secured credit card. A secured card requires a refundable security deposit. For people who have no credit, the major credit bureaus want to see you build your credit before giving you a high credit limit. If you always pay on time you will have an excellent credit score which will allow you to get a higher credit line and a lower interest rate. That means making monthly payments on time for the minimum amount due. In this article you will find the Best Credit Cards for No Credit.

When responsibly used credit cards offer significant benefits to cardholders. In addition to building credit, a credit card holder receives compensation for purchases they make using the card. These include things like cash back rewards, travel points, extended warranty on some products, and auto rental insurance. Check out the table in this post for the Best Credit Cards for No Credit.

Having no credit history is actually better than having a bad credit history. In fact, people who do not make their payments on time often have a hard time applying for some card offers. So don’t be afraid to apply.

How old do you have to be to get a credit card?

To apply for a credit card in the United States, you must be 18 years of age or older. However, if you are younger it may still be possible to get a credit card with the help of an adult.

If you are under the age of 18 and no adult is willing to help you get a credit card in your name, then your only option is to buy a pre-paid credit card which you can pay for with cash. This will allow you to make online purchases without the need of applying for a real credit card.

If you are over the age of 18 and have never held a credit card before, then your best options are to apply for a student credit card or a secured credit card. See the table below to find the Best Credit Cards for No Credit.

What is APR?

When you read credit card reviews, you will see the term APR. APR stands for annual percentage rate. The annual percentage rate is the interest that you will pay yearly on your credit card card. So, for example, if you have a credit card with an APR of 19.99% then you can expect to pay 19.99% in interest over the course of a year.

How do credit card companies make money?

Credit card companies make money by charging you interest on the money which you have borrowed. Interest is the main way in which a credit card company earns money. The money is loaned to you and you must pay the interest overtime on the balance that remains on your credit card. On most cards, if you pay the full amount by the due date on the credit card statement, then you will not be charged any interest.

In the table below you will find the Best Credit Cards for No Credit :

Top 7 Best Credit Cards for No Credit in 2019

Credit CardAnnual FeeAPRRewardsSecurity Deposit
Capital One® Platinum Credit Card$026.96%None$0
Discover it® Secured$025.24%2% Cash Back$200
Capital One® Secured Mastercard®$3926.96%None$0
Capital One® QuicksilverOne® Cash Rewards Credit Card$3519.64%None$200
Citi® Secured Mastercard®$024.74%None$200
First Progress Platinum Prestige Mastercard® Secured Credit Card$4910.74%None$200
First Progress Platinum Elite Mastercard® Secured Credit Card$2920.74%None$200

The above table has the best credit cards for no credit.

How long does it take to get a credit card?

I’ve received a credit card in as little as one day, however, it usually takes around seven to ten business days to get a credit card.

Online credit comparison offers the easiest way to find the best card for your specific needs, yet many are concerned about putting their data online.

Is it safe to apply for a credit card online?

Yes, if you do so through a trusted card issuer and on a safe device (free from viruses and spyware), then your data should be secure. Credit card application websites are designed for security and encryption is used to transmit all personal data. If you are still concerned about submitting your application online, then I would suggest to contact the credit card providers directly.

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