The 5 Best Car Chargers

Are you looking for the best car chargers? Look no further, as we will discuss this in this article.

Scosche USBC242M

When it comes to charging your smartphone in your car, look no further than the Scosche uprising.

Compact size supports two USB 2.4 A power supplies, which provides enough power to charge two full-size tablets at once.

Higher output also means that you will get a slightly faster charge over standard car chargers.

Scosche measures just under 2 inches and just under the height of a credit card.

Unlike the Apple lightning charger, standard USB ports still accept cables in only one direction.

It’s frustrating, but given how widespread it is, it’s hardly a violation of the agreement.

Although a large number of cars that are manufactured today offer USB integration, the car charger’s charging speed offers only about 1 amp output, which is not enough to keep up with the modern smartphone expiring battery life when using Apple and Google maps.

It is easy to connect when it’s dark make Scosche an easy recommendation for our top choice.

Roav VIVA Alexa-Enabled Car Charger

Roav VIVA is one of the most expensive options on the list, but that’s because it’s more than just a charger.

This is an Alexa-enabled smart accessory, and it brings a whole new level of control over your entertainment and navigation in the car.

Just plug it into a console outlet, connect it to your phone via Bluetooth and get directions instantly, make phone calls, stream music and more just by asking Alexa.

Built-in acoustic echo cancellation technology Viva can isolate your voice from the background and pick up exactly what you say.

This device is still a charger, and when it comes to speed and power, Viva is one of the best.

Its USB ports created with Anker’s patented PowerIQ technology, bringing your devices up to the full battery with lightning speed.

The dual-port design means you and your passenger can connect at the same time.

RAVPower 24W Dual USB Car Charger

The compact, affordable, and extraordinarily powerful RAVPower 24W Dual USB car charger gives you a high kick for your buck.

It doesn’t boast any extra features, but it doesn’t have to-this charger is durable, compatible with all USB devices, and designed for fast charging.

Its two 2.4 A USB ports are built with iSmart technology.

Externally, the charger has a metal anti-scratch coating to keep it looking new, and it’s all easy to connect and remove, and led ports so you can charge in the dark.

Charger RAVPower even comes with its own Trifonova lightning to USB cable.

Belkin Road Rockstar

Belkin Road is the best rear seat charger.

This 7.8 Ounce product has a combined 2.4 A in front and two separate 2.4 A holes for the back seat via an extendable USB Hub.

In combination, these two separate hub means that all have charging options.

When designing the Rockstar, apparently Belkin was referring to tablets, as the rear seat chargers are designed more for tablet use, thanks to the increased individual USB 2.4 ports.

Charging smartphones is also standard, but the original intention was focused on rear seat passengers increase battery life on tablets.

For Belkin, it would be ideal to consider a higher amplifier in the front passenger’s charging capacity rather than splitting 2.4 A between two USB ports offering a slightly slower charging time.

In addition to the charging capacity, the Belkin includes a six-foot cable that offers more than enough line to attach in the back seat pocket.

There’s also a three-meter double-sided adhesive If you’ve considered a more permanent charging option for rear seat passengers.

Nekteck Type C Car Charger

Regardless of whether you are a road warrior or a student in need of fast charging, Nektech equipped with an input port of type C for fast charging of the new iPhone models or the latest series of Galaxy devices from Samsung.

In addition to the smartphone, Nekteck is also the first USB-certified charger that provides enough juice to safely charge the latest 12-inch line of MacBook from Apple, MacBook Pro, Nintendo Switch, Chromebook Pixel Dell laptops or tablets with the highest charging capacity.

Universally compatible with USB-A port, Nekteck correctly detects the type of device and provides the appropriate amount of charging power without the risk of overcharging or over-voltage.

Thanks for reading about the best car chargers.

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